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Легенда про мост: Самый тяжёлый выбор

Абсолютно реальный случай, произошедший в середине 20 века в Англии.
В Английских Высших Учебных Заведениях, на психологических факультетах, этот случай разбирают, как самый тяжелый выбор в истории одного человека.
А какой выбор сделали бы Вы?


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He is reconciled to that which can not be reconciled her heart, her eyes do not have the possibility of his presence, even as long as she was a trace of affection for him, he will be happy to pleased for a long time.

See he disobedient not go, Jin Luo can not help but angrily: "Do not follow me, I just see you, I'll ..." There is no way to forgive! She can not wait fiercely pounced to beat him up, but he insist, Yong Huang not have went Jinchuan, coach factory online in case he

She suddenly thrust startled. Could she came from two hundred years after the time and space of the Qing dynasty, not to escape death robbed Wing Juan, on the contrary, it is to bring him misfortune?

Because if not in love with her, Yong Huang not to postpone marriage and go to the size of the Jinchuan.

Jin Luo shocked to wake up, everything turned out that she caused.

She remembered the day in the Wutai Mountain, he is also in order to attempt to save her exposed skill.

Her! She was suffering from a permanent Juan not permanent 瑱, nor is anyone!

If she does not appear in this day and age, all of this will not happened ...

Jin Luo? "Wing 瑱 worried the called her, she said, suddenly live coach outlet store online in the mouth, then like was what frightened like pale lip Qingchan, himself unsteadily as if about to faint like, he quickly hand hold on her.

She looked at coach outlet him woodenly a command to open he held her hand, not a word was spoken quietly walked.

Her sanity blank side of Yong coach outlet online Zhen how to call her, she does not respond, empty look that who can not see like, just been walked.

Do not know exactly how Wing Chun Zhen furrowed brow and followed her, do not worry.

With her after a long while, she suddenly stopped in the Lama Temple before the pace, unblinking eyes blink toward the inside look good long while, before marching into.

Zhen Yong to see her come to the Lama Temple, under the surprised heart, but still go in after them.

Here has been converted into a lamasery, inside placed a good several statues and worship Buddha hall.

Jin Luo did not go in the hall, where coach factory outlet but directly came before a prayer wheel.

After a young Lama seems to know her, his hands clasped together smiled at her, "Jin Luo princess again coach outlet store online turning round you."

She gently nodded, walked over and held out his hand to turn the prayer wheel.

More than two years ago, after she was recovering from illness, they come here to try to modern times, but no matter how coach handbags outlet she turn, is unable to go back by coach purses outlet rotating through the reincarnation.

Later there is a Lamaism her in turning the prayer wheels simultaneously recite Om Mani Padme Hung ─ ─ "Om Mani pa mi Hum" able corresponding to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Then, she continuous to turn the days prayer wheel, Great Bright also recite a few days, pray to be able to return to the modern, but she remained still here.

Now she does not seek to go back, her hand turning the prayer wheel, murmured recite the Great Bright pray Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Just let Yong Huang Ping back, she reluctantly lifetime not go back as long as he could well return , she would prefer to stay here a lifetime.

Go to dusk from noon, anyone desiring her rest, she can not be budged has been turning the prayer wheel, been chanting with Padme Hung.

Jin Luo, enough of the coach factory outlet Hui Gong. "Wing 瑱 no longer could not stand it and tried to pull her.

Suddenly a whole day without food or drink, she glanced at him to throw his two one black, collapsed in his arms.

Coma before that moment, her heart was still thinking about ─ ─ Yong Juan, I am not to harm you, I will not go back as long as you are safe ...

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I'm on the right path with neutral tan shoes, she advises, but there needs to be something to jazz them up: a bright contrast color, a print or some sort coach outlet of embellishment.That might seem counterintuitive, but, she says, that special detail is what a shoe needs to draw you to it. A boot's appeal is built-in: Think of all that beautiful leather, not to mention what it does to lengthen the wearer's silhouette.But there are warm-weather options. She suggests a light beige patent leather pump, maybe with a peep-toe, as an almost surefire option for someone who dresses up for the office -- and then might be going out afterward. Any shoe that's a similar color to your skin tone should be particularly flattering, advises Brucker, part of Stacy London's Style for Hire network.


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I took a spin through the Nordstrom shoe department at the Westchester Mall coach outlet online in White Plains, N.Y., armed with Brucker's advice, and I admired lots of things from Uggs thongs to Tory Burch open-toe ballet flats to Jimmy Choo platform wedges. All had their pluses, but they came with minuses: The thongs would make that clack-clack sound in the office; the flats were too similar to something I already own; and the Choos were out of my price range.The popular flat platforms are too clunky for me and my pretty straightforward-but-not-quite-conservative look. But while they're a bona fide trend this year, I will note I saw them mostly on sale racks.


There was a pair of almost-winner Cole Haan-Nike Air wedge-heel sandals, but they were in black, and I wasn't sure if the dark ankle strap would coach factory outlet work with enough of my lighter-hue summer wardrobe.Jennifer Gosselin, senior vice president and general manager of online coach handbags outlet retailer Piperlime, later tells me that I probably was wise to be a little wary of black, especially if I'm wearing a lot of brightly colored bottoms.


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From architectural and chunky wedges to delicate stilettos, the spring season is shaping up to be a season of extremes. Another trend that’s commanding recognition: the spat-inspired stiletto. With harnesses seen on the body, it appears that our feet should be receiving similar treatment!We figured it was only fair that coach outlet we shared our obsession with you, dear readers. Here, we present a (constantly updating!) coach handbags outlet guide to the best shoes on the spring runways.Walking a mile in these shoes coach outlet online oughta come with a parental warning.


This radio giant—no stranger to skimpy or otherwise scandalous attire—outdid coach outlet online herself this week, when she let her footwear do the talking (the potty talking, that is) while overseas, putting on shoes scrawled with graffiti messages, most prominent among them, "f--k off."


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TO Jeremy coach outlet online Scott, the rebel designer from Los Angeles, the plastic shackles that he designed for a pair of orange-and-purple Adidas sneakers were inspired by a toy monster from the 1980s.But to critics like the Rev. Jesse coach factory outlet online Jackson, the sneakers looked like “slave shoes.”


“The attempt to commercialize and make popular more than 200 years of human degradation, where blacks were considered three-fifths human by our Constitution, is offensive, appalling and insensitive,” Mr. coach outlet online Jackson said in a statement Monday.Hours after that statement was released, Adidas said it was canceling the $350 shoe, the JS Roundhouse Mid.

News of the cancellation prompted widespread coverage, with plenty of finger wagging. “The shoe design appears to glorify so-called ‘thug wear,’ ” said Mary Mitchell, a columnist for The Chicago Sun-Times, who added, “The JS Roundhouse Mid shoe exploits the same ignorance that made showing one’s underwear in public a fashion trend when it really is an assault on public decency.”


But is it racist? coach purses outlet In addition coach outlet store to the condemnations, images of the sneaker (which were posted on Adidas’s Facebook page last Thursday) received more than 38,000 likes through Wednesday, and cheap coach purses many of the 4,300-plus comments were positive.“They’re cool shoes, and some people coach outlet online might get coach factory offended, but that was in the past,” one commenter wrote.In a statement, Adidas said, “We apologize if people are offended by the design” and noted that Mr. Scott’s previous designs for the brand had included panda heads and Mickey Mouse. coach factory outlet The shackle design is “nothing more than the designer Jeremy Scott’s outrageous and unique take on fashion and has nothing to do with slavery.”Mr. Scott did not respond to a request for comment, but he defended his design on Twitter, where he posted a photo of what he coach outlet online indicated was the shoe’s true inspiration: a stuffed toy animal called My Pet Monster with nearly identical orange shackles. coach factory online “My work has always been inspired by cartoons, toys & my childhood,” he wrote.

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Among the most popular causes that contribute to plantar fasciitis is wearing incorrect shoes. In many cases, shoes either do not fit properly, or provide inadequate support or cushioning. While walking or exercising in improper shoes, weight distribution becomes impaired, and significantly stress can be added to the plantar fascia ligament.   coach outlet The boots coach purse outlet mentioned in this blog have little support and have been linked to an coach factory outlet increase in plantar fasciitis.

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